About Me

Hi. Thanks for stopping by and daring to click that "About Me" tab. Aw, that means you care. I can't really be accurately explained in a box, but I'll try.

I’m a wife, a mom, an artist, a sports addict, a freak, a geek, a practical joker, a thrill seeker and most importantly, a child of the Most High God. 

Aside from freakish, I'm also creative, kinda shy, easygoing, wicked funny, adventure-seeking, competitive, sporty, goal-oriented, and I'm more tomboy than priss. I know tomboyishness knocks off like twenty sex appeal points, right above mangled teeth I think, but lucky for me my husband loves it, most days, when I'm not flipping him over my shoulder or proving him wrong in sports chat. haha.

I love outdoorsy activities, hiking with llamas, speed golf, 1960's Mustangs, NOT shopping, running for my life, frogs, chocolate, shooting pool, playing games, rollerskating--what. It's fun--amusement parks, cooking, breaking into spontaneous dance--frolicking really: usually ballet when I'm on the phone or something--not that I'm very good, but it's fun and freakish, and I'm all about that--watching standup and sports.

My husband and kids are thankfully freakish too. We're always making each other laugh. My young brood consists of two happy, noble lads in the Autistic Spectrum and a lass who's pretty sure she's a real princess.

What kind of freak am I??? Good question. Well, after committing a federal offense at age five by stealing mail from all the neighbors for a true round of post office with two boys--um, who are not named Todd and Brian--I decided to jump off the crime train and put my creativity to better use through writing. My first efforts were lame, mostly chicken scratchings on paper really, with sure traces of bubblegum or chocolate, but hopefully I've learned to make more sense with pens, paint and crayons.

I'm pretty sure the people at Liberty University had no clue about my criminal past, 'cause I amazingly hold a degree in Journalism Advertising from there that I didn't even have to steal. I also possess a sick sense of humor, and, for some tormenting reason, all the skinny jeans I'll never wear again. 

My stories are also freakish and quirky like me.  

Kings & Queens, for instance, was inspired by a clash of the movie Drive Me Crazy--yes, the one with Melissa Joan Hart, although my book is nothing like it--and a dream. I had this love triangle buzzing around in my brain for months without a plot ... until I dreamt I was running for exercise--YES, that is SAD. I play Tetris and work in my sleep too. What of it!--and overheard two guys planning a church massacre and escaped them in this little town. BOOM! A seedling plot and setting. Then as I penned it, Kings & Queens grew and grew into something totally unexpected and awesome. The ride is twisty, the love is tortured, the deaths were inevitable. Don't hate me. 

I am currently working on more totally twisted YA novels. Who knows. Maybe I will redeem myself.