Review Policy

Hi. I love to read! In fact, I have a goal to read 100 books in 2012, so by sending me your amazing books, we’ll be helping each other out.

I prefer hard copies (paperbacks or hard covers), but I will also take a mobi file, PDF or Smashwords coupon. I don't have a Kindle--yeah, yeah, I know, I’m way behind the times--so I have to read eBooks on Kindle for PC, and when I’m on the computer, I want to write or work on marketing or read about sports, so it'll likely take me longer to get to your book. As an author I know sending books out can be expensive, so I am also willing to send it back if requested or give it away on my blog if you’d prefer that. Sign your book!!!

I will read and review traditionally published books, as well as excellent Indies. Please be aware, I’m primarily looking for YA novels for this blog and those in that genre will get preference in terms of my schedule. I will also accept adult suspense, mild horror or novels that would appeal to YA readers, like some of John Saul’s books with teen protagonists or something like The Lovely Bones. Although, truth be told, I was not a fan of that book. I will note on all adult reviews that the book is Adult. I also accept Upper Middle Grade, especially if it's funny, truly spooky, suspenseful or weird like Sybil Nelson's Priscilla the Great or Ahmet Zappa's The Monstrous Memoirs of a Mighty McFearless. Remember, I like weirdos.

My Favorite Genres:

Action Adventure
Boy books
(It cannot be preachy and fake-sounding though!!! At all. Seriously. I'll dock you for it.)

Anything weird
Sweet Romance
(although, generally, I prefer romance to be a subplot or for there to be more depth and scope to the book than just romance)
Science Fiction
(my least favorite, so, it must be very gripping and emotionally stirring like The Book Thief)

I’m not a big fan of work that’s considered literary or “character-driven”. I like plot. I NEED plot. So if your book has a wispy plot, sending it to me'll be a crap shoot and will probably not land in your favor. Also, I'm not really interested in reviewing Memoirs, other Non Fiction or Poetry. And I have not jumped into the zombie craze yet. You can try me, but it’s really not my thing. If your zombie book is comical, then maybe. I love to laugh, so ... anything funny will usually get my attention.

And, sorry, maybe it's heartless, but I don’t care to read about real-life issues: getting pregnant, drug abuse, cutting, battling bulimia, etc. It feels too much like nonfiction and those works almost always come across as preachy to me. Of course, I will gladly read about a pregnant girl who’s being stalked by ominous shadow creatures, but if it’s just about her dealing with her pregnancy, and that’s the main point of the book, you’d be better off looking for a reviewer who would enjoy such a contemporary read.

I will post my reviews on this blog, Amazon, B&N, LibraryThing, Goodreads and Smashwords--if I get the book via coupon. I will also be completely honest in my reviews. And being both a writer and a critter for an online writing community, I am picky about all aspects of storytelling. I like to be moved, engaged and surprised.

My Ratings:

I totally crushed on your book--no, I fell hard for it--found it excellent, even if it had minor imperfections, and will definitely recommend it to others.

I enjoyed it, was entertained, and might recommend it, but it likely won't stay with me forever or I had some issues. (i.e. your characters weren't deeply drawn or there were too many mistakes/plotholes/distancing aspects.)

It was just okay for me. There were too many things I didn’t like or that pulled me out of the story, made me roll my eyes or kept me from fully enjoying it or becoming engrossed. I’d probably not recommend it.

I will also give half stars to ratings of 3 and 4 if your book was right on the line.


I don’t feel right about casting a low rating on a novel that someone loves like a child and sought my opinion on, so I will just mark it as UNRATED and note why a book did not work for me. I will, however, rate deserving books lower if I pick them up myself instead of the author seeking me out for a review. So if you see your book on here with a low rating, that would be why.

*  *  *

My Requirements:

Drop me a note at luvfisk at yahoo dot com or courtney vail writer at hotmail dot com and tell my what your book's about. I respond to all queries, be they from authors or publishers. The first address is my primary and I check it every day, so use that one first. If you have a deadline (i.e. review is part of your tour), then please note this in your query. I'm am also open to guest spots, giveaways, interviews and you baking me cookies.

Once I accept your book for review, please send me your bio, synopsis, a pic of you and your novel, buy link, publisher, ISBN and pub date if you know it--I can put TBD if you don't--and a trailer link if you have one. I really don't have time to be hunting down all these things and I want you to be able to choose your own store. I always pick Amazon and link book covers to that.

I do my best to review in a timely manner. ARCs sent to me will be reviewed before or by their publication date. For others, I will read and review within 3-8 weeks of receiving the book. I will send you a link on the day I post it. I will also Tweet about my review of your book or guest spots, and if I really loved it, a link will go on my Kings & Queens Facebook page as well. I also belong to a few tribes on Triberr, including YA book lovers, so any posts about your book will get extra coverage. Right now I have a total reach range of over 50,000 people.

Thanks for reading my review policy.

I can't wait to discover all of your awesome books!