Freakish Facts

1. I am terrified of bees and sharks, but my biggest phobia of all is large knives, like the psycho chef knife…or bigger. The Rock-n-Chop is not of God! I can watch all of Predator without blocking my eyes or cringing, except the part where the soldier is shaving with a straight blade. Uuuuhhh! Can’t watch that.

2. I love soda and have NO cola preference. Coke, Pepsi, RC, Polar—or Dr. Pepper when I need some pep—I drink it all. It makes no difference to me. I probably drink too much though…SODA not alcohol. I’m not a big DRINKER drinker. IF I DRINK drink, which is not often, it’s one. Yeah. I’m a wimp.

3. Bacon is one of my favorite foods. I put it on meatloaf—write me for my very own Bacon Double Cheeseburger Meatloaf recipe—, on pizza, in tortellini Alfredo, in corn chowder, in my white lasagna—you can write me for that recipe too! And I’d put it in salad if I ate that. Not the Baco Bits either. Real bacon. I don’t think God’s ever tasted bacon, because if He had, He’d be like, “Oh. My mistake. Scratch that. That is GooOOooD too.”  Thankfully, I reside under the Blood of the Lamb and am not bound to the Law. More bacon for me! Pass it!

4. I have three kids and absolutely love the baby stage. Maybe I’ll have one more. Maybe. Just one more.

5. I’ve loved the Dallas Cowboys since the Staubach days and had his poster on my wall with those glorious blue stars…alongside the crushes of my 5-year-old heart: Shaun Cassidy, Bo Duke (character) and Andy Gibb…Old. This girl’s old.

6. I LOVE flavored coffee, and when I see a sign noting some flavor I’ve never tasted, I’m compelled to try it. Usually the little podunk places have the very best coffee.

7. I was 8 when I went to my first game at Fenway. Took the bus with my dad, and we had a fun day.

8. One Christmas, my cousin and I went around caroling in my grandparents’ neighborhood and people gave us money. We collected like 28 bucks. Haha. My livid grandmother berated us for accepting it and made us give it to Toys for Tots.

9. I’m reeeallly not a fan of estrogen-heavy movies. Not quite. e.g. Steel Gagnolias, The Yaya Boringhood, the Joy Yuck Club.

10. I’m considering adding one more book to Kings & Queens and Sapphire Reign to make a trilogy. Dominion of Darkness is my working title. No plot yet, but that’s okay. Novels usually come to me in pieces.

11. I didn’t see E.T. until I was 22.

12. I have a difficult time sitting still when I’m on the phone. I walk all over the place, do ballet moves, stair step, pace lines on the floor, pick up toys.

13. By the time I was holding my college degree, all my grandparents were dead.

14. I thoroughly enjoy when musicians successfully incorporate various styles into their music, like Peter Gabriel.

15. I believe everyone should have at least one passion. What’s yours? If you don’t have one, go find one. What are you waiting for? Life is short.

16. I love rollercoasters, especially steep and loopy ones, and I usually aim to ride them when I first get to an amusement park.

17. My Freshman year in college, 6 girls on my hall shared my first name and 3 were on my intramural softball team. To differentiate without having to use an initial, I started saying my name the way my French Canadian grandparents pronounced it.

18. I somehow lost the notebook that held all the deep, melancholy, angst-ridden poetry I wrote in junior high. It was pretty good too.

19. I used to collect roach clips with rawhide strings and colorful feathers…to wear in my hair of course. What can I say? I was cheesy at 11. I also only wore the ultradark blue Jordache jeans and collected a rainbow of Jordache purses.

20. I’ve never been to the ballet or the symphony.

21. I want to go to Ireland and run and/or hike on one of those amazingly gorgeous, scenic dirt roads along a hillside that you so often see people enjoying in videos or pictures. I’m always thinking, where in the world is that? I’ve never seen a road like that. I’m pretty sure they’re in Ireland. So that’s where I want to be.

22. The scent of gingerbread makes me sick and anything rose…except roses themselves. 

23. I never mastered double dutch because I was usually building forts with the boys.

24. Even though I know right from left, when verbally giving directions, I cannot tell someone which way to turn without using my fingers as an L-frame visual guide. The side that makes the L is left. I do it without hesitation, and then I instantly know.

25. I really, really wanna see a Broadway show, but the only musical my husband would be willing to see LIVE is Spamalot.