Friday, April 10, 2009

Avoiding Space Invaders

I find it incredibly difficult to work if people are hovering too close or looking over my shoulder. I've always been this way when trying to spin words or sketch out a design project.
The other day, my husband was just sitting in a recliner by me and I couldn't type one word. My thoughts were paralyzed. Yeah, partly because of his cuteness, but even if he were an ugly, unfamiliar, bug-eyed pauper with five layers of filthy clothes and a stench that even the angels can smell, I still would have been unable to pen words.

I just like having space and room to breathe and make mistakes. When people invade my creative zone, I'm too obsessed with being perfect and getting things dead-on right. Even my manic pad that I sketch everything out in is kept under lock and key. My handwriting's messy. My spelling errors would "illicit" laughter from the youngest of grammar school children. My scenes are out of context. Everything's rough and unpolished. I don't want anyone seeing that. I can't bear for people to see my scraps and trial sections. It's the finished quilt, cake, song, masterpiece that matters.

I am going out of my comfort zone a bit by posting my sequel in its raw state at theNextBigWriter for critique. I usually never pass my work before the eyes of others before I've edited my first draft. It's a new stretch for me.

Am I weird in guarding my creative process and needing some elbow room? I think so. But I'm okay with that. That's why I'm a freak.

Do you need space and privacy or does it not matter?
~ Signing off and sending out cyber hugs.


  1. I've had to be okay with not having space/privacy; where we live just doesn't afford it. In my dreams, I have a big house wherein I can retreat to an office with a door. But in reality, I write when I can, where I can. As long as others aren't reading over my shoulder, I'm all good.

    But that's me.

  2. Yeah. I despise the over-the-shoulder reading. Drives me batty.