Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Super Sonic Blast

Almost every writer goes through dry spells where they just don't feel like writing, due to writer's block, disinterest, whatever. And on the flip side, there's also that burst of creativity that has millions of thoughts itching to get out all at once. I'm currently on the flip side.

I have ideas for two more YA novels, which I've written the first chapters for, but I'm still trying to finish my sequel too. Yesterday, I wrote a chapter for Sapphire Reign, that I'm soooo excited about. It just clicked, had the right emotion and correct amount of suspense. I love the way it came out. Love. It.
I'm a just-wing-it kind of writer, not an outliner, not a note carder. And I love when my mind just clicks into super sonic mode. I wish I could be this way all the time and that I also had the ability to work on several books at once like some writers do, but I have a hard time functioning with a splintered focus. I'm not even sure if I'll go with these books, but characters and ideas pressed to be written, so I obeyed the call. I did have fun writing them in my creative burst, but geneally, I like to get one project finished before moving on to the next one. That's just me.
These are just first drafts, but if you want to check out the first chapters for my new ideas, click on my excerpt links and let me know what you think. I'm used to critique, so any feedback is welcome. Both are edgy YA~suspense.

Dropping Like Flies

A month shy of graduation, Kiralyn Jacobs should have the world at her feet, but when she’s chosen as the new keeper of The List and people around her start dropping like flies, she discovers the spinning orb on which we all tread is anything but a step stool. It’s more like a hell…from which there’s no escape…no escape but death. Others before her, much stronger, braver and smarter than she, gave in to self-destruction. As broken as she is, how does she stand a chance and how can she save the one guy she loves from reaching the top and being lost to her forever?

Chapter 1


In 2032, when Zinnia Sorren graduates from a prison-like reform school at the tender age of sixteen and is thrust back into a prickly techno world without a family, money or anything to her name, she offers up the one thing she knows will sell, especially in a society where joy and morality have decayed. In under two years, her dedication to excellence and imp-like beauty rocket her into the secret circles of the most prestigious men on the East side of the Americas and she becomes the most requested doll of delight. Determined to find out who and why someone elected to have her family rounded up and executed in a cleansing camp eight years ago, she hides behind the masks of false identities in order to thrive and uncover the truth. But when one of her clients is murdered in the middle of a trick, she learns her true identity is not as buried as she thought, and the only way to answers is to return to a torturous past she never wants to touch again and to fight against those who have marked her for death.

Chapter 1

What kind of mode are you in? And what do you do with either too much or too little writing energy?

~ Signing off and sending out cyber hugs.


  1. You're on a roll, Courtney! I can't wait to find myself in that place again. The dry part is starting to be sucky now. ;)

  2. Awww. Hope you emerge from the musty basement soon. Dry spells are sucky.

  3. I think I'm slowly emerging from a dry spell. Except my energy goes into outlining and research. I wish I could just wing it and write, but it doesn't work for me; my ideas often require too much research for me to just jump into it.

    But I'm ahead of my writing deadlines that I've set for myself. Character bios are nearly done and part of the summary is too--a good month ahead of where I saw myself. So here's hoping the dry spell is coming to a rapid end!

  4. Yep, sounds like your craetive juices are flowing. I like the sound of Decadence - lots of twists and turns, I'm thinking.

  5. That's good. Hope you fully emerge soon too. My writing drive usually comes in waves like that.

  6. I like when I'm on a roll. Thank you. With Decadence, I'll have to do a lot of world building: something I haven't really done before. Should be fun.