Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Little Drones

I hate when I can perfectly visualize a scene, yet when I try to put it on paper, it just doesn't come out quite as sparkly and vivid. That's where I'm at today. I'm writing a scene that is falling flat and boring me. I like plunging readers into the middle of a scene, but here I need to show some stuff before the good, better stuff. The lead up is what's boring and transitioning from one locale to another.

To add some more oomph to the scene, after I've written it, I'll go back in and insert texture, like sensory impressions and reactions, and hopefully that will work. If not, I'll scrap it and try something different.

~ Signing off and sending out cyber hugs.


  1. "There is no great writing, only great re-writing."

    -Michael Crichton

  2. Great quote. Thanks for commenting. I have ups and downs with this book. I'm very cinematic and sometimes have a hard time translating my mental movies into words.

  3. Hi Courtney, you have an intuition for what readers want. Trust that. Here's what I do when I get stuck on these things: I have a the scene in my mind - I walk through it and show the reader the feelings, colours, scents and sounds. You can make background info interesting with the right approach. How would your favourite author do it?

  4. Thanks so much. I don't really have background info there. My other scenes around it are just so tense and this one seems dull until the shocker end. I'm trying to spice up the beginning a little so it doesn't drag. I don't want any scenes that seem skippable.