Thursday, July 11, 2013

Book Review: In the Winds of Danger

In the Winds of Danger by Linda Ulleseit


In this second book in the flying horses series, Ms. Ulleseit does an excellent job of pulling readers into the Welsh countryside and soaring skies. While readers still touch base with familiar characters, the focus is on new faces and minds, like Nia, who comes to us in an exhilarating joist. She is strong-willed, skilled, determined and playful.

The First and Second Barns are separate and operational factions, and, despite her limited experience, Nia is invited to be leader of Third Barn, that, up until this point, has just been a rumor. Nia has full confidence she could do the job for real, though everyone wants to use her as a pawn for another’s demise.

And Owain, who ran away from home eight years prior to the story’s opening, is on a mission to find out what happened to his parents. Although it leads to initial bad news, it opens up to an unexpected surprise for the young man, but also a potential murder and a pending marriage he becomes aware of and despises. The threads for Nia and Owain took a little while to get going, but the interesting characters and descriptive details pull you along. Once tensions and mysteries kick in, the reader is left flying through pages. Definitely a unique and lushly written book. BUY IT NOW.



  1. I enjoyed your review. I'm also a part of the tour and reviewed both books. I swear I was there in the skies and at the barns, the writing was so genuine. I loved these books.

  2. Thank you. I immensely enjoyed the book. The world was well-thought out and detailed.

  3. Thanks, ladies! And thank you, Courtney, for being a stop on my tour!

    Linda Ulleseit