Friday, September 19, 2008

Cracking the Writers' Secret Code

Have you ever read a writers' forum or a blog and thought, huh? What in the world is everyone talking about? I'm totally lost. Why all the acronyms? Are these artsy fartsy weirdos in some secret society or something with its own language and handshake? I don't get it.

Yes, we are in a secret society actually, and we’re not actively recruiting at this time, but I’m nice and kinda rebellious too, not to mention a risk-taker, so although I can't cave on the handshake, I’m willing to share some of these secret codes so you won’t be so in the dark and can worm your way into the underground faction. But...ONLY read further if your promise to keep your source confidential. I’m really pretty fond of my fingers and tongue, thank you.

Finally, the mysterious alphabet soup codes of the WSWTFAYTAG are unlocked:

WIP = work in progress
POV = point of view

POVC = point of view character
MS = manuscript
MC = main character

PRO = Protagonist
ANT = Antagonist
NaNoWrMo = National Novel Writing Month, which is
November BTW
Nano = short for the above
cf. = confer, compare
e.g. = example
et al = and others
i.e. = means that is or in other words; frequently used incorrectly in place of e.g.
N.B. = note well
P.S. = postscript
DH = dear husband; not designated hitter as I now know ;)

DD/DS = dear daughter/son
MOD = moderator
S-MOD = Super moderator, they usually get a badge and a certificate how totally super they are
IMO = in my opinion
IMHO = in my humble or honest opinion
BTW - by the way
LOL = laugh out loud
ROFL = roll on floor laughing
LMAO = Laughed my a$$ off
NPI = no pun intended
TGIF = Thank God it's Friday
IA = I agree
ITA = I totally agree
IDK = I don't know
N/P = no problem
j/k = just kidding
j/w = just wondering
w/o = without
Thx = thanks
TY = thank you
YW = you're welcome
TC = take care
WTF = what the fu**
PP = new paragraph
SP = spelling error
GR = grammatical error
CC = correction
FYI = for your information
JSYK = just so ya know

DIY = do it yourself
FWIW = for what it's worth
BYOB = bring your own beer
WHC = we have cookies
BRB - be right back
GTG = got to go
HB = hurry back
WB = welcome back

AFC = away from computer, unless you're in a sports zone and in that case it'd be American Football Conference
CMYK = cyan, magenta, yellow and black/color plates used in printing
WYSIWYG = What you see is what you get, in reference to a web design program like Dreamweaver or CoffeeCup or a site like Wix.
IE = Internet Explorer
FF = Firefox
ISP = Internet service provider
URL = your website or blog address

AIM = AOL Instant Messenger
YM = Yahoo Messenger
AAR = Association of Authors’ Representative
P&E = Preditors and Editors
TNBW = The Next Big Writer
FB = Facebook
AD = Authors Den
BK = Burger King
MBIII = Marion Barber III, the Barbarian
G+ or Google+ = a secret society of social networking junkies
Tweet or Tweets = Twitter posts in bite sizes of 140 characters or less
RT = Retweet

Well, while this code cracking system won't get you into Bohemian Grove for their mock human sacrifice, at least writers will think you're one of the pack if you can speak the language. GTG. Have to work on my WIP and kick all my POVCs in the butt.

~ Signing off and sending out cyber hugs.

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