Saturday, November 8, 2008

Little Bitty Time Gobblers

It seems it's harder and harder to find time these days to write, of course it happens to be right when I'm trying to cram a 50,000-word stint into a month. When my daughter took a nap today, I excitedly sat down at my keyboard, knowing I'd have a good two hours, quiet hours while my sons were in school, to work on my story.

But, nope, my parents stopped by for a surprise visit because it was my mom's day off and they stayed for hours. I'd only penned about 400 words and neglected to save the upgrade so I could let them in and when my son came home, he added drawings to my story and I didn't realize it was my story and closed it. So my little bit of work for the day was gone and I'm back to yesterday's word count.

Then I cleaned some, made dinner, fed the family, gave my husband a little loving when he came home and now I'm neglecting the whole lot somewhat, not totally since they're in the room, but I'm hoping for a little bit of alone time soon so I can actually write.

Sometimes I can write with distractions all around, the TV on, the radio, kids yelling, but this Nano project is such a bizarre storyline that I'd like some peace and quiet to think through the plot I neglected to outline beforehand. I'm not really firm with my characters either, I'm just winging it all and running with sticks and nailing and gluing them together, wherever they seem to fit. I have faeries and another group of otherworldly creatures called the wanderlings in this odd romance and I've done absolutely no world building for them yet since that idea was a late addition to what was supposed to be a simple, linear plot. Yeah right. I can never do simple. I'll plug the details and meat into my story later. I'm just trying to get the stick-built house up before the deadline. The decorating and furnishings can come later.

Whoo. Now I'm off to work, hopefully. Crossing fingers. Well, just for a moment. Now I'm gettin' busy. Not that kind of busy. Get your head outta the gutter. Working. I meant working, trying to make good use of quickly dissolving time.

~ Signing off and sending out cyber hugs.

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