Thursday, March 5, 2009

Writing Exercise: The Nanofic 55er

There are several forms of short fiction you can pen to get your creative juices flowing from drabbles at 100 words to droubbles at 200 words and nano fic pieces with even less. The two most common mini works are exactly 69 or 55 words. The 69er is freestyle, while the 55er is restrained by form. The 55er consists of 10 sentences. The first has ten words and each sentence to follow decreases by one word until you’re left with one word. I challenged myself. It's not that great, but here is my go at a 55er:

Sweet Justice

She slips into the shadowy room where I’m waiting...aiming.
Cheaters deserve the fire of steel, coldness of death.
Sweet justice was commissioned; it beckoned me here.
Who’d disregard candlelight dinners...midnight beach romps?
Hmph…I’m not judge, just executioner.
So why am I bleeding?
She deserved the bullet.
She’s smirking, leaving.
She knew!

It's fun for exercise anyway. Give a 55er shot.

~ Signing off and sending out cyber hugs.

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