Friday, March 20, 2009

No Go But That's Okay

I've been offline for a few days. Well, I'm back...obviously. I got an email from ABNA and my entry did not make the cut. I'm supposed to get the excerpt reviews in a couple weeks. I'm curious about those.

I was glad that I wasn't chosen to move forward because after entering I was nervous about being in the contest. The more time that went by, the more I was hoping for a diss. ABNA is just not the route I want to take to become published. And if I somehow won, which is slim but still a possibility since someone has to, then I'd be roped into a crappy contract and be starting off my career un-agented.

There are few shortcuts you can take to get you to where you need or want to be in publishing. I'm excited about going on an agent hunt. Do I want to be rejected? No. But how exciting will it be when I strike a chord with that ONE. who is as passionate about my work as I am. The hunt is fraught with tears, struggle and fire, but that builds determination, perseverance and strength.

With my critique circle nearly finished with my MS, I'm so close to putting on my hiking boots and stocking up on printer ink and paper reams. Can't wait.

~ Signing off and sending out cyber hugs.


  1. Remember a fair number of agents/editors want the ms electronically too!

    I'm in the same place you are. I know, academically, those contests are great exposure, but I'm more interested in having an agent to start the journey off right with.

    Good luck in yours.

  2. Yeah. I will go by guidelines listed on an agent's site. Thanks for commenting. Good luck to you in your endeavors as well.