Thursday, January 19, 2012

In My Mailbox


I just received Deadly Cool, a YA mystery novel by Gemma Halliday. Since my book is mystery suspense, I'm especially interested in novels in the same genre. And I also got Matched by Ally Condie, because I'm on a futuristic kick and love seeing what inventive worlds people can come up with. I'm hoping they're good books. I usually read a few reviews with various ratings, and then if it sounds good enough, I'll buy it.

I know Kindles and other e-Readers are super hot, but there's just something extra special cool about a physical book that can't be matched. Sometimes you can miss out on lovely visual goodies. Like, the paperback cover of Matched is a sheeny, gorgeous, metallic green that you can't really see in a screen pic, and it also has a full color inner title page. So pretty, pretty. And Deadly Cool has wicked cute, full-bleed, winding cords on all chapter title pages. I know you get the same words, but you don't get exactly the same reading experience with e-Books.

Have you ordered anything lately? What's your preference? Paper or screen?

~ Signing off and sending out cyber hugs.


  1. These both look good. I am totally into my nook and find it easier to read with, but will always have a soft spot for physical books. I have ordered way to many books on my nook simply because of all the wonderful books coming out ..especially in YA. I could hit purchase, confirm, download all

  2. Me too. I could buy books all the time also, and there are so many I want.

  3. I read Deadly Cool on my kindle and Loved it!!! I like kindle books because you can get them so quickly! ANd it nice!
    my IMM-

  4. Deadly Cool does look good. Thanks for letting me know. Glad you are enjoying your Kindle.