Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My Goals for 2012

Wow. I'm feeling so lackluster at the moment. Ya ever get that way when you sit down to write a post, or anything really, and end up struggling to string words together? Yeah, that'd be me right now. I'd love a nice cup of peppermint mocha, but it's after midnight. I don't object to drinking coffee at this time, it doesn't jack me up like that, unless it's like four cups, I just don't feel like walking down two floors to get it. So, in the moment, I'm lazy, kinda sorta blah and deliciousness free.

I had a little bit of crazy 2011 due to my writing getting destroyed by a tornado storm, but I had only minor inconveniences like that, so I'm very thankful to God for his graciousness. Really, I am so, so blessed and I know that. I have a great family with messy but extremely sweet kids that everyone adores to pieces, everyone's healthy and happy, my parents are doing well, my sons are now BOTH on IEPs so they're functioning better in school, God has kept us all safe, my husband has a steady job, we squeaked out of foreclosure, and my house is still standing--some of my friends lost theirs in the tornado, and my car avoided being smashed by a tree in the October blizzard by mere inches. Oh, and my dead laptop came back to life TODAY with some dry-out time after my daughter spilled soda on it! Yipee!!! So, overall, I've had it pretty good.

I'm ready to carry that energy and cheer into 2012. This year, I'd like to write faster and be more economical with my time overall, as well as diligent in my marketing efforts.

Here are my career goals:

* Finish editing Sapphire Reign, the sequel to Kings & Queens, and get that out
* Finish my WIP, Genie, and get that out. I'm not sure yet, which book I'll release first, but barring any setbacks, it'll be both and maybe a 3rd, either StarStruck or Dropping Like Flies.
* Read 100 YA books

* Visit 100 blogs and comment each month

* Make 100 forum posts in various places each month

* Connect with local writers for book fairs and other events

* Do some kind of marketing every day

* Post at least 3 times a week on this blog

* Participate in at least one blog hop per month

Do you have goals for 2012? If so, what are they?

~ Signing off and sending out cyber hugs.


  1. Sounds like some really great goals! I've started a writing log, where each week I write my daily writing goals and then record what I accomplished. I'm hoping it'll help me get Liar done by February. Good Luck! :) Ang

  2. Is it my imagination, or did you write this post with a lot of black text on a black background? Hm...

    Your goals are VERY aggressive. Good luck with them! It's going to be fun to watch. I'm glad you're able to see your blessings through the pain, too. Not always easy to do!

    God bless and happy 2012!

  3. That's an excellent idea, Ang. I think I might do it. Good luck with your goals as well.

    There's no black background, Darc. Maybe the white overlay got stuck while loading.

    I think my goals are pretty manageable. If I break everything down into daily or weekly tasks, it's not so daunting. Read 2 books a week, I can do that. Add my 2 cents in 3-4 forum threads and visit 3-4 blogs a day, all that's doable. I like Angela's idea about a log. I can write down which scenes I want to write each day and track my progress.

  4. Those are great goals. I hope you have a productive year.

  5. go for it! and good luck..and happy new year!

  6. thanks! Happy New Year to you too.