Saturday, March 3, 2012

Kings & Queens Kickoff Blog Tour

I am extremely psyched. I started my promo for this book last summer actually, but got derailed when a tornado storm destroyed my files. I was forced to copy my book from a PDF and when I did that it stripped out so many things like sometimes the "s" on a plural word--making it singular, every straight word after an italicized one, random stand-alone words, punctuation marks, numbers and even six sentences. It has been driving me crazy, and every time I thought I had caught everything, I'd find more missing things. I'm updating both my paperback files and my eBook files today because I have to have it right. Now, I'm good to go, or at least, I'll have to be. I'm working on the sequel, Sapphire Reign, now and another YA novel Genie, so I can't keep lingering on this one book. Now with it as good as I can get it, my promo efforts are rebooting.

Heather of @SupaGurl Tours is amazingly awesome and sweet, as well as one of the first readers to give me a glowing review, and she's hosting a tour for my YA novel, Kings & Queens, in April and May. So, if you have a blog, especially a book blog, sign up. We're looking for a combination of guest spots, interviews and reviews. Even if all the spots book up, you can still sign up, just pop her an email, because we are double and even triple or quadriple booking. I'm looking to land on 100 blogs each month. It sounds a little daunting maybe, but I think a big blast is the best way to do it. If you can help out and be a part of this tour, that would be awesome. Thanks!

And, if you're an author, she's newly for hire as a host.

~Signing off and sending out cyber hugs.

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