Sunday, May 17, 2009

May Mania ~ Stretch #17

Sometimes inspiration can be found in otherworldly or non-human creatures. A sparkling vampire in a dream kicked off Stephenie's Meyer's Twilight Saga. Whether you like the books or not is irrelevant. [Haven't read them yet. I know. I'll get there. And I plan to do blogs posts about them. So look out for that.] She went with her spark of creativity and made it work for her, and that's something to emulate: going with inspiration when you find it.

Write from the point of view of something non-human. This can mean a werewolf, a faery, an animal, an angel, a doll or even a pen. Write at least 500 words or enough to get a feel for and adequately express a new voice. Getting into a non-human mindset and writing from that POV will help you think outside the box with tone, dialogue, actions, motivation, needs, etc. When your narrator is not confined to human conventions, morality, the laws of physics, your imagination can run wild. Go for it!

~ Signing off and sending out cyber hugs.


  1. This one's cool. I wrote a story fairly recently from the perspective of a tree used as a gallows. Fun.

  2. Thanks for sharing. That is very cool. I think it would be cool to do a fly POV, because everyone always wishes they were a fly on the wall. But maybe a fly is just wishing to get back outside, like those people spying from binoculars in the parking lot.

  3. I just wrote a short piece (and possible beginning of a future novel?) about a Yuki-onna or a "snow woman". They can be particularly cruel creatures, freezing people to death for no reason. But there are also stories of them being more forgiving and having a tortured soul, since they are spirits trapped in the snow. I tried to show that conflicted soul feeling towards the end of it, though I'm not sure how it turned out...

    Anyway, it's interesting to switch to a non-human POV. Definitely a stretching exercise!

  4. Huh. That sounds very cool. Hope you do make a novel out of that. The market is over-saturated with werewolves and vampires. It would be nice to see some lesser-done types.

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