Wednesday, May 27, 2009

May Mania ~ Stretch #27


My little kidlets have their own beds, but they enjoy clustering together on one mattress like a litter of puppies. I'm not sure why. But they do. Every night. And my youngest son and my baby girl, who just turned three and is no longer a baby, were lying down, facing each other, having pillow talk the other night, cracking each other up with their own brand of sillies. It struck me as so adorable. But face to face pillow talk is more than cute, it's a good springboard for inspiration.

Your creative writing exercise is to write a scene or a short story where two characters are together and engaging in some kind of pillow talk: two kids trying to be brave and ignore the growl during their first camp out in the backyard, two lovers after a dud sexual encounter, two strangers trying to comfort each other on an overnight flight during extreme turbulence, one character dying and another clinging to their beloved's last minutes on earth, a surprised thief with a knife to the throat of the hollering college student who wasn't supposed to be in the dorm during winter break.

At first glance, pillow talk seems too fluffy and soft, all whispers and giggles, but oh no, when you let your imagination run wild, a multitude of scenarios and conflicts can rush to the surface and create the basis for an amazing story. So fluff your pillow, pick up that favorite pen of yours with the purple ink and just write your characters into trouble and then back out.

~ Signing off and sending out cyber hugs.

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