Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Completely Addicted to Complexity

I've been working on this one scene today that is a sequel after something bad occurs, and so far, my scenes have all ended with tragedy, a definite turn in the plot or a cliffhanger. Every scene needs to be pertinent and forward moving, but I am driven to dig deep and find a major point for this scene beyond what's said in the dialogue. And why? Not because it's needed for the reader but because I need for there to be a major point. It is fine to have a breather scene, many books have them, but my mind can't be satisfied with that. My desire to grab readers by the throat cannot be squelched. Brutal I know, but I'm being honest.

I strive to bring readers on a stomach-turning ride, which incidentally in my latest novel, my characters are also experiencing, with there being at least three instances of regurgitation—vomiting for those not up on euphemisms. But in order for readers to appreciate and feel the rush of the hills, there must be some climbs and low spots now and again. I have such a difficult time letting go of what's complicated and challenging. I love to wrestle and rack my brain and can't seem to follow the road that's simple. But I do need to work on adopting some resolutions during the course, otherwise there is no rush at all and everything becomes dull.

Think of horror movies. The truly effective ones build, build, build, then shock once, maybe twice. But those that have killings throughout lose their punch. They push viewers beyond the threshold of fear and suspense turns off. Then you find people, what? Not cringing or hiding their eyes but laughing. Helpless victims being mutilated becomes comical. Not that you can't feature a serial killer on a rampage, but sometimes the unknown or the stillness where arm hairs raise is more thrilling and chilling.

The writers in my critique circle are all doing a Nano project. I would love to. I've thought about it, but with thirty days, I'm not sure how I could spin out a complex plot. I can't settle down into a linear idea. I could easily write a romance or a more simplistic suspense, but no, I've got this brain that won't quit dipping into the weird and crazy stuff and pulling in a montage of elements.

Am I the only one's who's addicted to twists and complexity, threading in various elements? I hope not. What a lonely trip the descent into danger, madness and uncertainty will be. I'd kind of like some company. I'm more of a people person than a loner. So if you're a freak like me, please identify yourself so we can unite in our quest for darker, weirder, odder realms. Thanks.

Write straight, write curvy, write on.

~Signing off and sending out cyber hugs.

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