Monday, October 6, 2008

Writing Exercise: A Sudden Sonnet or Something

I've already written a villanelle, which I think came out pretty good because they are so very structured and mine actually made some sense. To find out the form for a villanelle and read my poem, The Chill , click here . I seem to have an addiction to storytelling though because a tale always seems to emerge in my poetry. I tend to choose more straight forward language that's more 'storyesque' versus filling readers' ears with ambiguous earthy crunchy notes with the hope that they get what I'm saying. I have respect for poets who can pull in multiple layers and nuances like that, but I'm just not that skilled.

Since I'm always trying to push myself in unfamiliar directions, I thought I'd stir up the hidden poet in me again and whirl my pen for a sonnet. I included the basic rhyming structure for an English sonnet below in imabic pentameter—simply said, ten beats per line—so if you're equally inspired, you have it handy and can go for a spin yourself.

Here is my effort:

~ Forgotten You ~

(a) Alone on this well-trodden path I stride
(b) I strain for mem’ries I can’t seem to find
(a) Stories of yesterday melted inside
(b) Music fails to play in my cloudy mind
(c) I recall some kisses in pouring rain
(d) And steamy nights in strong arms by the fire
(c) The caresses and hugs I’d think would stain
(d) Are fluttering off like fairies of Ire
(e) I can't just look over and see your eyes
(f) Shadows have swallowed the treasures I’ve known
(e) I can’t seem to find you or hear your voice
(f) Where and who are you, who once was my own
(g) If I could just see you and hold you again
(g) I’d know my last walk would end with a friend

If you're not quite lyrically gifted but are a great storyteller, try giving your work some rigidity like in a sonnet or in a villanelle and find your inner poet. You'll never know whether or not you can do it unless you give it a try.

~ Signing off and sending out cyber hugs.

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